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Druk DTG

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DTG print

The production line at our disposal has been designed for multiple printing of clothing and materials. We offer a number of new functions that complement the demand for printing volumes. A completely new system allows printing of clothing
in XXXXL sizes of oversized clothing in one system, thus reducing production time.

In addition, we have the ability to print various decorations and other textiles than clothes, i.e. towels, blankets, draperies.

The price of DTG printing is influenced by: final print, size of the print, as well as the color of the material on which the project will be applied. In the case of colorful fabrics, a white underprint is always laid, which ensures greater durability of the print and perfect color saturation.

Print area

DTG printing allows for a large print area – 1150x650mm and the ability to personalize clothing by applying various designs to clothing. Therefore, it is perfect for both low  and high expenditure.

Lead time

Thanks to the application of the HVLP activator applicator, the time to prepare clothes has been significantly reduced, which translates into the possibility of offering an even better delivery date.

Our additional advantage is also the automated SWING furnace, which in the process of final processing fixes the printed prints.

Sample projects