Laser engraver

Laser engraver

Professional laser engraver

Laser engraver

Laser engraver is a permanent, precise and effective technique of marking objects made of leather, eco leather, metal, Plexiglas, engraver laminates, wood, glass and rubber.
The objects marked by this method gain elegant look and thanks to permanent and abrasion resistance engraver they remain aesthetic for long years.

The use

The use of laser cut and engraving allows gaining really interesting and attractive visual effects which differ depending on material on which they are made.

Final effect

Intensity and engraver colour always depends on the kind of material. In order to precisely determine the engraver we recommend to conduct a laser trail on a precise object or material.

We own machines which perform laser cuts on: Plexiglas, engraver laminates, plywood, paper (holidays cards, booklets).

Examples of realisations