Drone services

Drone services

Drone services – photos and video recordings

Drone recordings

We offer services in air filming and photography with the use of multi rotary platforms called ‘drones’. We work using high quality enhanced equipment of  DJI Inspire 1 Pro company which has gimbal Zenmuse X5 and DJI Phantom 3 Pro of extremely good quality.

Devices capabilities

Drone is characterized by possibility to rotate camera, 360 degrees and registering shots of 4K quality. The possibility to lift drone’s legs gives certainty that nothing will disturb us in framing objects interesting for us. What is more, the live HD preview will make it all even easier.

New Optical Flow technology which uses specially designed camera as well as ultrasound waves makes flights inside the building easier.

This technology allows maintaining permanent position by Inspire Pro, stopping after releasing joysticks as well as reacting to commends even when GPS system is unavailable.

Best quality

Gimbal Zenmuse X5 is designed for DJI Inspire 1 Pro model and provides unique quality of shots in 4K resolution in 30 FPS, previously unavailable in drones recordings of higher pixels clarity, enhanced sensitivity and ISO change from 100 to 25600.

Licenses and authorisation

The equipment is operated by staff with proper UAVO VLOS qualifications, legally required and issued by Civil Aviation Authority.

We own proper documentation and authorisations.

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Our offer

We are group of professionals with lots of experience and technical knowledge, the safety of performed order, fast completion time and high-quality of service are provided to our customers.

By air photos for developers
  • creating drone documentation of investment and post-investment areas,
  • by air photo documentation of the preceding construction works,
  • the attractiveness of the location and the property itself may catch people’s attention thanks to bird’s-eye view photos.
  • films and photos from the place of action,
  • live drone transmission (Full HD),
  • film production with the use of drones.
By air photos and films for events, mass events and special events’ planners
  • there is a possibility to order photos or films made from drone which could document any event
  • drone filming of mass events,
  • unique bird’s-eye view shots in the open air (weddings, christening, holy communions etc.).
Photos and filming form the bird’s-eye view for advertising agencies, printers, graphic designers and for websites purposes.
  • polygraphy (folders, posters, calendars),
  • by air shots to create films and promotion shots.
Photos and films from drone for companies and institutions
  • by air photos to promote business,
  • drone for environment monitoring,
  • archaeology, drone for surveying measurements,
  • by air photography to map agriculture damages,
  • by air film and photos to assist the rescue service and the police, to identify place of action, accidents location, surveillance, documentation, research and many more,
  • by air photos for experts documentation,
  • vertical photography to create maps, town planning,
  • drones for universities (assistance in research, deigns and measurements),
  • bird’s –eye view photo and films for technical surveillance of workplaces, warehouses, factories, infrastructure elements, roofs, chimneys, by air inventory etc.