LED Displays

LED Displays

LED screens, large outdoor screens

LED technology

Due to cooperation with our customers we are aware that our appliances based on LED (LIGHT EMITTING DIODE) technology (large outdoor screen, displays, panels) as well as our solutions which we propose to our customers are ideal in inside and outside advertisements.

You will find in our offer: text graphic displays, LED tapes, large outdoor screens as well as renting of large outdoor screens for events, campaigns on large outdoor screens in podkarpacie province as well as around Poland.

LED Displays

It is possible to display text as well as simple graphic. Integrated memory – this means that a PC unit is needed only for the content change. Wide range of display’s size allows customers to select appropriate size for themselves. Simple operation allows rapid and efficient programming.

Dynamically changing content on LED display is an excellent advertisement, it catches customer’s attention and what is more, it forces them to read the content. External and internal application allows to assemble the LED displays in every single place.

Pharmacy cross signs

Attractive advertisement increases prestige and sales. Reversible LED display in cross shape is a perfect marking and advertising tool of medical sites such as pharmacies, health centres or hospitals. It allows to display logo, information, graphics or any graphical or text  animations as well as time, date and temperature.

Unusual brightness of LED diodes guarantees that they are perfectly noticeable in a snowy evening as well as in a sunny day. Their extraordinary efficiency makes that you do not have to worry about the energy costs – LED displays are energy-saving appliances.

What makes pharmacies’ crosses stand out in comparison to displays?  Pharmacies or other medical institutions stand out from other advertisements, green colour of diodes is associated with medical and pharmaceutical industry. What is more, the cross shape is always associated with the place where people may find medical point.

LED tapes

They are most commonly used during the production of advertising coffers, inside living rooms for highlighting ceilings, walls, all kinds of shelves, under cupboards to provide even lighting which is a perfect solution for medium lighting or effective lighting.

Power supplies for LED belts are adjusted according to proper parameters e.g. if the LED belt of 1m length has a maximum power  of 7,2W then the power supply of 30W may supply up to 5 m.  For longer ones you need a stronger power supply.

LED fluorescent light

During the recent years, LED diode technology improved.  LED diodes emit light of more power, therefore, it is possible to replace traditional neon light with fluorescent light with LED diodes.

Traditional application of LED fluorescent light is used  most importantly in office lighting, hallways, corridors, hotels etc. High brightness of lighting, being energy-saving and extreme life-span of over 50 000 hours makes traditional neon lighting disappear from the use.

Examples of realisations