Serigraphy method

Serigraphy marking

SERIGRAPHY is a graphic technique thanks to which we carry out multicolour printings on fabrics, paper, plastic, foil. This technique is about preparing matrix from a tiny net pulled onto an aluminium frame on which mould from photosensitive emulsion is made.

Then we the use of rubber doctor blade, the paint is pressed through prepared template and the paint is in this way transferred onto the fabrics, plastic and foil.

The use

Serigraphy is most commonly used for overprints in T-shirts, sweatshirts, umbrellas, bags, transfer materials and other flat surfaces.

Durability and quality

Serigraphy has got many advantages therefore it is eagerly used during advertising materials production.  It is characterised by mechanical durability and most importantly it is waterproof and resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Examples of realisations