Luminous letters

Luminous letters

Luminous letters, pylons, coffers

LED advertisements

Our company offers wide range of luminous products to enhance your company’s image.  In every single advertisement we use high quality LED lighting.

3D light letters

We offer light letters which are a wonderful form of informative as well as branding spatial advertising. The letters are made of aluminium and synthetics. The front side of the letters is made of Plexiglas and the sides of the letters are made of aluminium tape.   For lighting we use LED diodes.

LED coffers

We also offer light coffers which are one of the most popular form of light advertising. We create coffers in different technologies with the use of varied fronts depending on the size of advertisement.

Luminous neons

Luminous neons are perfectly suitable as an inside as well as outside advertisement. They are characterised by low electric power consumption and they distinguish at night among other advertisements.

Other luminous advertisement

Apart from the above we also offer other forms of luminous advertisements:

  • pylons,
  • LED Displays
  • demonstrators and others.

Examples of realisations - advertisement pylons

Examples of realisations - coffers, letters