Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Personal data processing policy in accordance with GDPR/RODO

Informative clause concerning processing of personal data for the customers and co-workers

With respect to GDPR – Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (Data Protection Directive) (EU) 2016/679 from April 27th 2016 being effective May 25th 2108 and also with respect to obligation of information being result of these regulations, we wish to provide you with information stated below concerning ways of processing  of your personal data

Your personal data administrator is MG Plaza s.c., ul. Kwiatkowskiego 79a, 35-311 Rzeszów, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 813-32-85-141. We wish to inform you of any forms of using your personal data (‘data processing’) in Poland as in accordance to natural persons who are:

a) customers including potential customers of MG Plaza s.c. company,
b) associates, employees, co-workers, statutory agents, proxies, or such customers representatives,
c) other people whose data we process in order to issue or implement invoices as part of cooperation with customers (altogether called here: Customers)

Data are processed by MG Plaza s.c. company when:

  • it is essential to execute the agreement which party is a person the data considers or to take an action on demand of the person the data considers, before the agreement is concluded;
  • it is essential to fulfil legal administrator’s obligation;  in particular accounting and tax obligation;
  • it is essential for the objectives resulting from legally justified matters performed by the administrator or by the third party, excluding situations in which the superior character to those matters have basic human rights and liberties of a person whose data they concern and this data requires protection.

Providing personal data is voluntary, however, it is necessary to make an agreement and to handle cooperation between customer and the MG Plaza s.c. company.
Moreover, the data is used to handle complaints or bring the potential claims. Your personal data will be processed in order to send you marketing information (so called direct marketing) and to contact people/contacts from the customer.

Your data may be given to other administrators  who process data for their own use or to fulfil aims of processing data by the MG Plaza s.c. company. The administrators are as follows:

a)  entities conducting post services or delivery services;
b)  entities conducting payments (banks, payment institutions);
c)  entities cooperating with MG Plaza s.c. company as far as servicing legal issues and accounting are concerned;
d)  entities dealing with servers and hosting companies, IT companies and others working for MG Plaza s.c. company;
e) MG Plaza s.c. does not intend to give your data to other countries nor to international organisations.

Your personal data will be stored:

a) for a time legally required to store the data (e.g. for accounting, tax, statistics or archiving reasons);
b) for the time to fulfil obligations resulting from trading agreements including also expiry of limitation of demands resulting from those agreements;
c) for the time to fulfil legally justified MG Plaza s.c. company’s interests bring the claims or to fulfil direct marketing

As your data administrator we want to make sure that as a result processing of your data you are entitled to:

  • require from Administrator access to your data in order to i.a. get a copy of this data,
  • require from Administrator correction of your personal data, which are incorrect, incomplete also by presenting an extra statement,
  • require to delete the data (only in specific situations e.g. when they are not vital for the aims they were collected for or processed in different ways or processed in illegal way),
  • transfer data to different entity,
  • require from Administrator to limit processing of your personal data (e.g. when processing is illegal and the person the data concerns disagrees to delete the data, administrator no longer needs the personal data for processing and at the same time the data are needed by the person to bring or defend claims),
  • express your objection (in case of processing of personal data as a part of justified interest performed by Administrator e.g. in case of data processing for direct marketing)
  • lodge a complaint to supervisory body (President of Personal Data Protection Authority).

You have a right to withhold your consent at any time.

You may use the above mentioned rights contacting us through e-mail: or contacting us in written form by traditional post on the address as follows: MG Plaza s.c., ul. Kwiatkowskiego 79a, 35-311 Rzeszów, NIP [Tax Idnetification Number]: 813-32-85-141

Administrator puts every effort to provide all necessary protection measures in case of accidental or deliberate data destruction, change, loss, invalid reveal, use or access. Your personal data is processed electronically and manually according to methods and procedures connected with processing objectives.

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